Every term in this workshop students can enjoy themselves by learning about the impressive Iberian Fauna, Astronomy ans Photography through weekly sessions which will be focused on organising 2 or 3 trips. On these trips  the students will have the chance of putting into practise all the theoretical learning concepts worked on these sessions.

The sessions are divided into 3 sections:

Iberian Fauna

Iberian Macrozoology will be worked on a mainly visual methodology.In this section students will learn intensely about Iberian vertebrates, mostly birds and mammals.




– Introduction into Astronomy:

Students will learn how to watch the celestial sphere. Among other concepts, they will learn how to tell the difference between a star and a planet in the sky, how to find visible planets in the sky at night , watch the Milky Way, distinguish constelations and learn about the Mythology related to them.



– Photography:

Students will learn about basic photography concepts like focusing, formating, ISO, opening the diaphragma, obturation speed) from the camera practical point of view.

This workshop will end up with a trip to different places in Spain like the National Park in Monfragúe, Doñana, Sierra de Gredos or the Pirynees).

On these trips the students

  • will be able to watch watch birds, mammals, anphibians and reptiles
  • will be able to watch the night sky far from the light pollution
  • and will be able to practise photography by taking photos of landscapes, fauna and astrophotography.