Key Stage 2 for Children aged 7-11 years

Students in Key Stage Two continue to study the subjects of the National Curriculum. There is a focus on structured learning so that the students can develop independent working skills while sustaining an enjoyment for learning. A thematic approach to subject teaching is used where subjects are integrated, whenever possible, within a half-termly topic. English and Mathematics are the core subjects so receive priority and are taught daily. Students are taught Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship (Valores) Education. All of the above subjects are taught by the Class Teacher. Music, Physical Education, German and Spanish are taught by specialist teachers.


Assessment of students’ learning occurs continuously in the form of Teacher Assessment. This assists the teacher and student to gauge the standards and progress of learning and identifies the next steps. Children are assessed against National Curriculum age-related expectations.

Reports are completed by the class and subject teachers twice a year. These not only describe progress but also set targets for future learning. Twice a year we invite parents to meet their child’s Class Teachers to discuss their child’s education and development.

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Example Timetable – YEAR 4