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Key Stage 1 for Children aged 5-7 years

At Santo Angel British School we follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales in all subjects. Through the curriculum, a balanced programme is offered to these pupils early in their education. They are given the opportunities to develop positive attitudes to learning at the beginning of their schooling.

English and Mathematics have priority in terms of teaching time and are taught daily. In Science, History, Geography, Art and Design Technology, ICT, Literacy and Music, children learn about the world in which they live as well as developing their own creativity and physical expression.

A thematic approach is used to teach these subjects where they can be integrated, usually through activities organised by our Curriculum Leader such as assemblies, house shows, etc. All subjects are taught by class teachers except Physical Education and Music which are taught by specialist staff. . Through Personal, Social and Health Education pupils develop their self-esteem while considering the needs of others. Key Stage Assemblies provide opportunities to share our successes and promote values.


Assessment of pupil’s progress is continuous through Teacher Assessment. Alongside this, Assessment for Learning ensures the provision of differentiated learning opportunities that teachers are aware of each child’s potential, and that next step targets can be identified.

Twice per year we invite parents to meet their child’s class teachers to discuss their child’s education and development. A mid-year and end of year report are completed by specialist teachers and the class teacher, describing progress in all subjects.

Example Timetable YEAR 1