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In years 1 to 6, children follow the curriculum outlined in Key Stages 1 and 2 covering a wide range of subjects including Mathematics, English, German, Science, Humanities, ICT (Computers), Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education. View full syllabus details.

These first years of a child’s education are vital for developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills and, as such, we have created an environment in which our young students feel empowered to ask questions, safe to meet challenges head on, and accompanied on their journey towards reaching their full potential.

This is a time in which to instil a love of learning that children will carry with them throughout their lives. Our small class sizes permit our teachers to tailor their lessons to suit individuals’ abilities and learning styles. The positive and supportive environment throughout our school and the personal attention each student receives form the basis of Santo Angel British School’s difference and are cornerstones of our success.

Students will graduate from Primary school with a solid academic foundation upon which to build and the confidence and curiosity to strive for ever greater academic heights.

All those successfully completing Year 6 with us are guaranteed a place in the Secondary programme.