SABS, is a private school, which belongs to the Spanish Private Schools Association ACADE (Asociación de Centros Autónomos de Enseñanza Privada).  We are a non-religious school who integrates children and staff from over 50 nationalities and has and inclusive admission policy where we welcome families from all over the world.

SABS starts as “Colegio Santo Angel of Moratalaz” in Septiember 1968. Our founder, Laurentino Galán Cano had a clear vision of what an excellent school needed to succeed and put all his effort with a few inspired members of staff. After nearly 50 years, we decided to open our minds to the future and become a BRITISH SCHOOL. We believed that the National British Curriculum would reinforce our school ethos and methods giving our students an open learning system which provides a variety of new and motivating experiences.

SABS has always been sustained by the “Excellence in Education programme” This programme is based over three pilars: I CARE VALUES (Children become “Good People”), LANGUAGES (Children are International) and PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Children are Healthy). More than de 20.000 students have passed through our classrooms, many generations of students and staff who through their effort have become part of this inspiring project.

We have the honour to say that our academic achievement results over tha past 50 years have placed us within the best 25 schools in the Comunidad de Madrid (Selectivdad) and we are in 4th place in the Private Schools List.

From the start SABS has always been a “child-centered” school where we have focused not only trying to obtain the best academic results but encouraging our students to be GOOD PEOPLE. Every member of staff is an EDUCATOR, from our Teaching staff, Administration staff, Management, Maintenance ,Cleaners, etc. We believe that we have the oportunity to inspire and motivate our students so they have skills and work towards a better future world.

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