Music at the SABS is flourishing. We believe in ‘music for all’ and aim to provide music opportunities well beyond the classroom. There are many high quality music ensembles in which your child may participate. In addition, students are encouraged to form their own future bands. Lunchtimes in the department are a hive of musical activity, individual or groupal lessons being taught in preparation for concerts or performances.

SABS offers a wide variety of individual and group musical tuition. We teach music in all its forms, from Classical, jazz, rock, pop, musical theory, singing and reading music. If there is an is an activity you do not find provided, we can look into the possibility of offering that musical tuition.  Children are able to work towards musically recognised exams.

We offer: Piano, Guitar…

Current music opportunities are available across all ages and year groups including:

  • Piano
  • Classical Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Drums and percussion
  • Electric Bass
  • Violin
  • Violoncello
  • Flute
  • Vocal Technique
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Drama
  • English Musical Theatre

Our dedicated teachers are all professional musicians who are passionately committed to inspiring and developing young performers.

Numerous instrumental lessons take place each week with visiting specialist music teachers. Many students take lessons on more than one instrument.

niños tocando instrumentos en el colegio santo angel

Student performers are featured in many organized school activities. Talent is often showcased in theater productions, recitals, and concerts in school. In addition, music is a regular feature in assemblies and celebration events.

Registration for all extra-curricular activities is carried by the School Office at the beginning of the academic year. Ms Laura Ganly and Mr Jorge Díaz are the SABS Music School Coordinators.

Students who arrive at our private school in the course of the year, after the September enrollment, should write to: to enroll individually for activities.


SABS Art and Culture

At SABS we offer a variety of arts activities, which are brilliant for developing confidence and exposing talent.

Why learn Musical Theatre?

Musical Theatre is an English Extracurricular activity which develops children’s artistic expression and allows them to work with others towards a common objective. Children face their fears and develop self-confidence whilst reading and speaking in English and learning songs from long loved musicals.

Children can participate in this activity no matter their ability and it is a great opportunity for children who find reading or writing more difficult to explore other ways of expressing themselves through English.

The schools last musical performance was Shrek the Musical, and was a huge success. By Christmas/January the group will perform a small medley of songs from shows followed by a big end of year performance where they will demonstrate their skills in singing, dancing and acting.

This activity is available from Year 3.

Why learn Ballet?

Ballet promotes physical strength, coordination, flexibility and self discipline. It teaches an understanding of music and rhythm. Children learn choreography, work towards ballet examinations, look at concepts including stretching, lengthening and body position.

This activity is available for Year 1+.

Why learn Art?

Creative expression is important to your child’s development as it gives them another way to communicate their emotions, thoughts, feelings and view of the world. It allows them to explore freely experimenting with different media. Art helps children to develop other academic talents, fine motor skills, focus and perseverance as well as working collaboratively on some art. Children find this a relaxing and fun activity where the rules are meant to be broken, to achieve artistic independence.

This activity is available from Reception to 4 ESO with small regular groups which are age appropriate.


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