The admissions process is simple and transparent and outlined in brief below. We welcome children of mixed abilities and many talents. We are a non-selective school. You will be guided every step of the way by our experienced and personable Admissions Officer. Children are welcome to join us at any time during the school year and into any year group, subject to a place being available.

You can also contact the school office from 9:00 to 17:30 by email or phone at  or  917721100


  • 4 passport-size photographs with name, surname and Year Group on the back.
  • Child´s medical certificate.
  • Vaccination Card photocopy (EYFS).
  • Family Book photocopy.
  • Passport or  ID photocopy of parents and student if possible.
  • SABS Admission Form
  • Bank Direct Debit Form
  • SABS Religion/Non Religion Subject Form (in all stages except EYFS)
  • SABS Data Protection Form
  • SABS Services Request Form
  • SABS Allergy Form

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