At SABS we offer a wide variety of optional extra-curricular activities, both at lunchtimes and after school, run by teachers and other professionals from Monday to Friday. The extra- curricular programme offers curriculum enrichment and activities often vary from term to term. These activities provide experience outside the classroom which help them to progress and develop talents in other areas, they give children an opportunity to have fun, as well as developing character and self-discipline.

SABS Sport Clubs

In addition to health and fitness benefits, sports help to develop physical skills specific to the particular sport involved, general physical skills such as flexibility, coordination, strength and stamina and a whole range of additional personal traits such as the ability to work effectively as part of a team, cooperative and leadership skills, self-discipline and self-motivation. We offer:


Judo is a great form of physical exercise, it teaches self- control and develops problem solving skills. The first thing children learn from martial arts is respect and self- control.

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Basketball offers full body exercise, building muscles, strength, accuracy and precision. Basketball is a team sport, allowing children to make new friends, learn team work and build confidence.

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Volleyball is a fun team sport which offers a complete workout. It helps children to develop motor skills as well as working as a team.

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Skating has been popular with all ages for a long time. It helps children develop their balance and coordination as well as offering a fitness workout.

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Learning to swim is a key life skill for any child. Swimming lessons teach independence, and allows children to develop their fitness whilst giving them the ability to get themselves out of potentially life-threatening situations and enables them to enjoy trips to the seaside, beach holidays and swimming pools to the full.

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Playing Football promotes team work, discipline and good work ethic and has many health benefits. In Football training children develop many skills and strength for a full body workout and develop initiative and quick thinking skills.

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Rythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics combines dance, ballet, and gymnastic. It includes the use of different devices like strings, balls and hoops, allowing children to develop different motor skills.

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Chess offers huge benefits to many areas of learning, including developing children’s concentration, memory, logic, critical thinking and creativity.

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School Lenguages

SABS believes that language is at the heart of learning and acknowledges that language acquisition and development is crucial for exploring and sustaining cultural identity, personal development, and intercultural understanding.

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Art and Culture

Music at the SABS is flourishing. We believe in ‘music for all’ and aim to provide music opportunities well beyond the classroom.

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Robotic and Programming

Technology plays an important role throughout our school curriculum, and no more  than in Computing.

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