The school facility is much more than a passive container of the educational process: it is, rather, an integral component of the conditions of learning. The layout and design of a facility contributes to the place experience of students, educators, and community members. Depending on the quality of its design and management, the facility can contribute to a sense of ownership, safety and security, personalization and control, privacy as well as sociality, and spaciousness or crowdedness.

At SABS we have a varied number of areas for our students to use in or outside lessons. We believe that the environment “educates” and we are commited to provide the best quality facilities for our students.

Teaching Facilities

The school is divided into  3 areas EYFS Section, Primary Section and Secondary Section

The school is updated to the most recent online resources such as Education City and every classroom has interactive whiteboards computers and multimedia hardware.  The school has a Performing Arts Room  where Music and Drama are taught according to the National Curriculum. We have a brand new ICT Room , two Libraries, one for EYFS and the other for the rest of the school.

Sports Facilities

Our indoor and outdoor sports facilities are used for curricular and extra-curricular activities. We have a Gym, an Astroturf Football pitch, three Basketball courts, a Volleyball court and two Sala Football pitches.

School Common areas

At Santo Angel British we believe that teaching goes beyond the classroom walls. Every single corner of our school becomes a learning environment. Teachers use our outdoor facilities, gardens, playgrounds and common areas as part of their teaching space making learning a fun and motivating experience.