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School Hours

  • School opens at 7:30 only for our Breakfast Club Pupils. Breakfast will be served from 7:30-8:45.
  • School gates will be open  8:00 am – 6:15 pm and students should remain in the playground until the first bell rings.
  • Office hours are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Students are expected to leave the School upon dismissal from school or activity. Please make sure you have made arrangements for timely transportation. Students who are not picked up within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the school day or activity may have consequences including removal of privileges.This is for their safety due to lack of available supervision.
  • Our school Cafeteria is open at break-times and our School Store will be available, booking in advance, to buy uniforms and others.
 Late Policy
It is very important that each student arrives to School, by 8:50am when the first bell will ring. At 8:55am after the second bell, teachers will walk up with students lined up to their classrooms for AM registration. A student who arrives after 8:55AM should go to the office with his/her parent(s) to register through CLICK-EDU before going to the classroom. If a student arrives to school past 9:30am he will have to wait in the School Office until the beginning of the following period.

When a child will be absent, a parent is requested to notify the school through CLICKEDU or phone and give the date , and anticipated length of absence. The School Policy requires that families send a note through CLICKEDU explaining the circumstances of the absence to the teacher upon their child’s return to school in order for an absence to be considered a justified absence.

Autumn Term
Each class will go outside almost every day. Please make sure children are dressed for cold weather when it arrives.

Co-Curricular Classes

  • PE: Each class will have physical education twice a week. Children should wear adecuate foot-wear or rubber-soled shoes on the days when there is a physical education class.
  • MUSIC:Each class has music once a week, from KS2 up students can be asked to bring in a melodic instrument such as a Recorder or Melodica. Please make sure upils are responsible for their property and don´t forget the instrument at home.
  • ART: All students have Creative Arts lessons. Teachers may ask the students to bring in materials from home which shuld be left in the Art Room when they arrive to school.
  • LIBRARY: All students in Primary have an opportunity to visit the library each week. We will have a book fair twice each year where pupils will have the opportunity to buy books in English to reinforce their reading at school.
  • COMPUTER LAB: Every student will have the opportunity to work in the ICT LAB at least twice a week and with their tablets in their classrooms.

Changes in Afternoon Plans
Changes in students’ schedules that require bus changes need to be made in writing through CLICKEDU to the classroom teacher in the morning. Afternoon changes cause confusion for students, families and staff and can compromise student safety.

Parent/Teacher Meetings and Reports
The teachers will schedule meetings with parents in January and June one week after sending the Reports home. These meetings are necessary to share information with parents about a child’s experiences and preogress in school. We see these meetings as a way to learn from parents about their children and the goals parents have for their children’s education, as well as a chance for teachers to share the child’s learning at school.

The school staff would like to be responsive to family questions and concerns. Specific concerns about classroom issues should always be discussed first with the child’s teacher through CLICKEDU platform. Concerns about special education needs may be discussed with the teacher and school psychologist. Concerns about school-wide issues should be addressed to the Office, School Head, or the School Manager.

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